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If you do not see Sticky Fingers barbecue sauces or dry rub at your local grocery stores, please follow these steps:


  • First of all, DO NOT PANIC.


  • Breathe deep, dry your tears and stop screaming at the stockperson.


  • Calmly walk to the store counter and ask for the manager.


  • Inform them of the HUGE error the store is making by not carrying Sticky Fingers sauces and rub.


  • Beg, plead, bribe (threaten if necessary) the management to get on the ball and stock your favorite Sticky Fingers Barbecue Sauce immediately.


  • Order from this website your desperately needed sauces until your local store manager wises up.


Thanks for your support!


Don't see Sticky Fingers barbecue sauces on the shelves at your favorite grocery store? Fill out an item request form at the customer service counter. Your vote counts!
Jacksonville, FL
I was recently in Charleston For my Honeymoon on one of those big boats. We wandered in to Sticky F....
Jereme , Austin, TX - 4/12/2011