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General Information
  • As a member of our club, you can look forward to monthly offers, updates, or information delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Your information “sticks” with us - we don’t sell or share our list with anyone! You can unsubscribe at any time at the link listed at the bottom of each email.

To join our StickEClub you can sign up at any of our restaurants or click HERE.

Please remember that our StickEClub can only accept one name and birthday per email address. 
Can’t See Images?  If you are having trouble viewing the images, look for a link just outside the email—Display Graphics, Unblock Images, View All Content, or similar. If you see red X’s, right clicking one may give you the option to view.
Seeing a Series of Blue Links or No Images At All?  If you are experiencing either of those problems, try changing your settings. Many networks block or turn images into links, so if you can’t change settings, forward the email to a non-work address. You can change to a non-work email address for future emails—just click “update my profile” at the bottom of the email.  
Trouble Printing?  If the message doesn’t print correctly, you may need to change a browser setting. For Internet Explorer, click Tools>Internet Options>Advanced. In the Printer section, check Print Background Images. For other browsers, check your Help section.
No Longer Receiving Our Emails?  If you used to receive our emails and haven’t recently – your email provider may be blocking our emails. If you (or your provider) have high security settings, the email may be in a bulk or junk folder, or it could have been filtered out altogether. Keep in mind that many networks and a few providers may allow some emails but not others, or just not deliver this type of email at all.
In many cases, adding the following address will let your email provider know that we are an approved sender:
To ensure delivery, add to your address book.
Once you have added our address, email us at and we can send a test message.
Need to Update Your Email Address?  Just email the following details to
1.       Current email address you are listed under in the database
2.       The new email address you would like it switched to
3.       Restaurant location you frequent the most
Still have questions? Just email us at


Need help with your StickEClub account and preferences?
Please contact us at
StickEClub FAQ
We had you cater a graduation party for 12 with ribs and pulled pork and all the fixings. It was fa....
Larry, Jacksonville, FL - 6/28/2010