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Family Style To Go
One Slab of Pork Ribs  21.99
Whole Smoked Chicken  7.99
Pound of Pulled Pork   10.99
Pound of Pulled Chicken  10.99
Pound of Smoked Turkey  10.99
Pound of Chicken Salad  10.99
Pound of Beef Brisket  13.99
Twenty Jumbo Wings  18.99
Fifty Jumbo Wings 44.99
Pint of any Southern Side 4.19 
Quart of any Southern Side 8.19
Gallon of any Southern Side 23.99
Gallon of Tea or Lemonade  3.99 
Express Meals To Go
All meals are served with a pint of baked beans, cole slaw
and a bottle of Sticky Fingers Memphis Original Barbecue Sauce.
Serves 2 - 4 people.
#1 Barbecue & Chicken
One whole smoked chicken, one pound pulled pork barbecue and sandwich buns. 25.99
#2 Ribs & Chicken
One slab of ribs and one whole smoked chicken. 31.99
 #3 Ribs & Barbecue
One slab of pork ribs, one pound pork barbecue and sandwich buns.  33.99
 #4 Rib Lovers
Two slabs of pork ribs.  44.99




Give your grill a break! Head to Sticky Fingers for some award-winning RIBS, WINGS and BARBECUE. Our five signature barbecue sauces are on every table so you sauce up your meal the way you like it.
Family Style To Go Menu
Best Restaurant in the South!
Kim, Chattanooga - 8/23/2011