Sticky Fingers has always taken great pride in being a major supporter of nonprofits in our communities. We have happily given away tens of thousands of meals and dollars over the years to worthwhile causes. We do it because we want to support those in the communities that support us and worthy causes. Due to our charitable reputation; however, we receive more requests than we can accommodate and can only support a finite number of requests every month.

In order to help us best support you and respond to your request in a timely manner, we ask that you fill out the form below. We ask that you have all requests in by the 20th in order to be considered for the following month, but the sooner you submit your request the better. We will notify you no later than the 25th if we can meet your request for the next month.

We would also ask that you consider allowing us to cater your event or let us host it in one of our banquet rooms. In most cases we offer better pricing and more support for charitable organizations. In addition, we can possibly support your organization through our “Helping Hands” program where we offer a 15% rebate to your nonprofit on food and drinks purchased on a given day for your cause. Please click below for more details on any of these options.

Finally, thank you for working on behalf of your organization. Whether you are a volunteer or a paid staff person we appreciate your efforts to improve our community.